San Francisco's Sinking

How tall are you? I'm a healthy five foot eight myself. That means that in ninety or so years, were I to visit California, my head should be above water.

According to recent studies, climate change in the next century or so will force the oceans along the coastal United States to rise as much as five feet, effectively wreaking havoc in cities like San Francisco, which are expected to be hammered by storms and serious flooding that will make Katrina look like summer rain.

Seriously. Even the Governator is taking notice of this issue and is directing further studies to be done to determine how California can protect itself from this disaster, which is coming, whether we like to believe it or not. Why can't the rest of us wake up and realize what's going on here? Is it going to take half the country sinking into the sea to get us to do something?

Check out the full story here. I'm done with this.

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