Retroactive Greening

In yet another move that suggests to everyone he might indeed be the saviour the United States has been waiting for, President Barack Obama is overruling the outgoing Bush administration and reinstating laws requiring construction companies to consult with environmental experts before beginning work on land.

The Bush administrators changed the rule on their way out the White House door, allowing contractors unlimited access to build essentially wherever they wanted, without any regard for the local ecosystem, but our man Barack wasn't having any of that. He literally bypassed the usual public comment process in order to get this law into effect as quickly as possible. Businesses are predictably upset, because it means a lot of "red tape" for them to go through in order to start building, but environmentalists are hailing it as a major victory in the ongoing struggle between the business sector and the ecologically-interested.

I think this speaks well for America's future when they have a C in C who is willing to jump over beaurocratics and nonsense (in a good way this time) to get positive work done. What do you think? The start of a good thing or a negative harbinger of things to come? Comment and reply!

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Anonymous said...

That's good for the owls, bad for the economy. Maybe he should give owls government bailout cash while he's at it so they can afford cushy new houses.