If You Build It...

Dubai, 2009. Where else?

Architects operating out of Dubai's Timelinks company have developed a potential solution for overcrowding of sprawling city centers that is both inventive and environmentally-sound: they call it the Ziggurat.

Sounds ominous, doesn't it? Like some sorcerer should be living inside it with some kind of skull-shaped cauldron, plotting the end of the world? Yeah, I thought so too, till I *saw* the thing.

Check out the link here.

It's exactly what it looks like -- a giant, self-sufficient crystal pyramid designed to comfortably accommodate -- wait for it -- over a million people. A million. Four of them would house all of the Greater Toronto Area. Power is supplied by wind turbines, and the whole thing is about 2.3 square kilometers in base area: less than ten percent of the average urban sprawl.

Okay, it might look like something out of Stargate, but this is still a really, really interesting idea. But what's more interesting is the comments left by people, comparing it to Logan's Run or The Island. Come on folks -- save the natural landscape to be enjoyed and more-or-less left alone while we contain our human activities in self-sufficient obelisks? I think that's pretty cool. Feel free to disagree with me though -- I'd like to start responding in blog posts to people who disagree with me. Challenge me, darn it!

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