The Trial Against Shell Oil for their Crimes in Nigeria

I feel it is necessary to bring this issue to your attention dear readers. The following is a choice quote from the video:

"Shell partnered with the brutal Nigerian military government to suppress the popular movement of the Ogoni people. On multiple occasions, Shell paid the Nigerian military, they requested the Nigerian military, knowing that it was a brutal force and that force committed horrific acts of violence against civilians who were peacefully protesting."
- Marco Simons, Plaintiffs' Attorney, EarthRights International

This video was taken from HanShan's article on Alternet.org, "The Video Shell Oil Desperately Doesn't Want You to See". I really feel it sums up the trial better than I could. The casualties and deaths of the Nigerian people at the hands of soldiers hired by Shell cannot be ignored by the West, and halfhearted boycotts will not induce Shell to atone for its crimes against the Nigerian people. I hope to see that both this video and trial come to the attention of all, considering how Shell does not want anyone to see it. Think twice when you're at the gas pump, and consider what sort of impact you're really having on the Earth as well as your fellow human beings.

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Anonymous said...

I heard about this the other day..
-Didn't realize it was so bad.

Here's to paying more attention from now on.