Canada's Energy Problem: Part 1 - Reality Check

Although I wish to see solar/wind/thermal energy thrive to the point where we no longer have to rely on fossil fuels I am not blind to the fact that humans need more energy than those technologies can currently provide. Our options at this point are limited, as these new innovations are being fostered and tested for large-scale use. What do we do in the meantime? Canada's government has proposed conservation, demand management, higher efficiency standards, fuel switching to natural gas, diversified energy sources as well as increased usage of renewable technologies. Is this enough? I'm not sure. Personally I think it is a step on the road towards a possible energy reform in this country that can hopefully meet Canada's voracious energy needs.

I realize I can post wonderful articles about the most amazing alternative energy technologies but unless they can be put in place within the next few years, it is impractical to look at them as the answer to all our current energy needs. In the documentary I posted in the popular Jarvis Street article, the future described by experts was bleak, particularly for the "American Dream" (I use the term loosely) of the suburban home and nuclear family as we know it. The idea of the suburbs becoming the ghettos of the future is alarming, a stark contrast to their current vaunted status, but if we are truly at peak oil, we must act now to preserve our future. 

Not all my fellow citizens share the same beliefs as me on many issues, particularly the environment, energy and government. I think the average Canadian is more worried about their families, their jobs, their mortgages, the economy, the recession...everything except the environment. With money scarce and energy demands still high, investing in solar or wind energy is, at the moment, probably unwise for the average Canadian household. So what can we do now? I hope to explore these options in an ongoing series of blogs on "Green Me Up, Scotty!".

As always comments and questions are very welcome! 

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skyler said...

we can re-build our economy as well as staying eco-conscious but it will take a bigger investment in technology the government doesn't want to use. namely nuclear. go sign the www.pickcandu.ca
petition and lets grow some zero emissions jobs in canada!!!