3 Things I Think I Think on 9/9/09

I'm old enough to remember Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey on Saturday Night Live. The early 90s featured the best cast IMO with Phil Hartman and Will Farrell. My brother and I used to love Deep Thoughts. It was the perfect segue to the next sketch so in honor of Deep Thoughts, I present some random musings on current events. Also, I added a widget to the blog so you can check out some Deep Thoughts on each visit ! (On the right column)

Blowing Smoke

Electricity generation company Ontario Power Generation is to close four coal-fueled power units in 2010, as part of the province’s transition to electricity generated from green energy. It is hoped the move will open investment and opportunities in Ontario’s green economy.(Source http://www.newenergyworldnetwork.com)

I'll miss seeing the smoke stacks spewing hazy pollution. It gives hope someday we'll have enough wind turbines to replace the lost power generated and kill more birds. Those will be great days.

Duely Noted

In general, I think media coverage of the Michael Bryant affair and the death of bicycle courier Darcy Allan Sheppard has served us well. Each day, new events and aspects have come into view. (Source: http://www.theglobeandmail.com)

Here's a view - I like driving my convertible on sunny days. There's nothing like the warm breeze sifting through my hair as I cruise around the neighborhood. What I don't like are bike couriers. Perhaps someday I'll stop my car and get out and the bike courier will get off their bike and we can talk but until that day I'm going to off them and get the PR agency to smear them all over the news.

Smart Meter for Dalton McGuilty

In all, the McGuinty package has the sort of marketing challenge Brian Mulroney had with his Meech Lake accord. Just as that constitutional contraption was famously cobbled together behind closed doors by 10 white guys in suits, the McGuinty plan was inked in private with the feds and dropped in MPPs' laps to sell.(Source: http://www.thestar.com)

The day will come when we can regulate the amount of gas that comes from the provincial government. How it will work is there's a belt wrapped around a politicians neck and on it are 3 colored lights. The first being the taxpayer's interest earning a green and warning us of a bad idea. The second is yellow indicating a scam and third a red meaning the end of the line for said douchbag.

That's it for today and we'll check back in on Twitter.

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