Wonder Twins Unite! Form of Common Sense!

As though this actually comes as a shock to someone, researchers have decided that merging all our climate-control and anti-pollution initiatives under one flag might just save some money. Right now, all the major organizations and treaties regarding global warming (the Kyoto Accord, etc.) operate independent of one another, which to me is absolutely absurd. When one hand doesn't know what the other hand is doing, the chances are any and all efforts towards the common goal are going to be inefficient at best.

The Center for International Climate and Environmental Research, Oslo (CICERO) is suggesting that the European Union alone could see savings in the billions of euros if only these organizations would work in tandem instead of independently. They also suggest that merging these functions might help convince some of the worst Kyoto offenders (like China) to start working more comprehensively towards an anti-warming goal.

The full story is here, if you're interested, but the general consensus seems to be that working together is a Good Idea. Who knew. Of course, the fine folks at the Environmental News Network just HAD to mention that some pollutants actually help to curb global warming (something about particles in pollution reflecting some of the sun's energy back out of the atmosphere), which to me is like saying that cigarettes will kill you, but the upside is that you look really cool. I don't even want to get into that.

Once again, my point remains -- why can't we all just get along? The world is a rough enough place these days as it is; why not try to work together towards a common goal -- like survival??

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